How silk/satin pillowcases are the new beauty must-have

How silk/satin pillowcases are the new beauty must-have

Everything you need to know about how a silk/satin pillowcase can help your hair as well as your skin.

Hi everyone,

These days it’s not enough just to make sure that what you put into your body and onto your face is good. To make sure that your hair and skin is the best it can be, you need to get yourself a silk/satin pillowcase.

Now you might be thinking why silk and satin? Well, both are proven to help improve the look and quality of your hair and skin. The fabrics create a smooth and soft surface which is much gentler than cotton. It doesn’t matter how high in thread count you get your cotton, it will still leave you with frizzy hair and skin that looks lacklustre.

So what does silk/satin do for your hair/skin?

For your hair, silk/satin pillowcases are great as they help your hair retain its moisture as these fabrics can’t absorb water. Also, the friction between your hair and the pillowcase is decreased. Cotton pillowcases cause friction that can cause as much damage as a bath towel. Plus, it can make your hair stay cleaner as silk/satin pillowcases don’t soak up oils which can coat your hair of a night.

They are also extremely beneficial for your skin, as they don’t create creases in your skin like cotton does. For example, ever wake up in the morning and you have lines over your face from where your pillowcase has been leaning against your skin? Well, this has definitely happened to me and has made me feel like all the effort I put in for my nighttime skincare routine was a waste. Silk/satin pillowcases stop that creasing effect on your skin and as the materials aren’t absorbent like cotton, the face products you use will not end up getting sucked into your pillowcase instead of your face. Plus, as they don’t soak up oils as mentioned above, it will mean that your face will not produce a nasty breakout.

What is the difference between silk and satin?

There are differences between the two fabrics but both are beneficial when it comes to your hair and skin. The real difference comes down to cost preference. Both will ensure that frizzy, oil-coated hair and skin is a thing of the past.

What is silk?

First things first silk is expensive. Due to the technical skills and effort required to weave silk into a textile, it comes with a high price tag to reflect that. It was first created in China and is traditionally produced by a few dozen insects around the world, one being the silkworm.

Be careful when looking around for a silk pillowcase as some manufacturers will mix other fabrics such as cotton into their products which can affect the absorbency, hypoallergenic nature and frictionless properties of the pillowcase.

What is satin?

Satin has the feel of silk and the glossy look but is made using a different type of weave which involves synthetic materials such as polyester, rayon, acetate and cotton.

Satin tends to be a lot more supple than silk and is often more flexible. Satin is a popular choice for lingerie due to its flexible nature.

Which one do I choose?

This was a question that I kept asking myself. I just couldn’t decide which one to get. In the end, price became a big factor for me. I just wasn’t ready to pay for the cost of silk yet. Plus, I wanted to try it out first and if I liked it then I would invest in a silk one.

From trying mine out, I have found that my face no longer gets creases in it and my hair is so much softer than what it used to be. I found that my hair lasted more in-between washes as well.

I tend to wash my satin pillowcase every 3-4 days just to keep it fresh and clean. I did make a mistake when buying my pillowcase and bought one which you can only hand wash but there are plenty of silk/satin pillowcases that are machine washable so keep a lookout.

To help you decide which one is best for you, check out the advantages of each below:

Advantages of silk
  • It breathes. You will find that your head doesn’t get overheated.
  • It’s hypoallergenic. Naturally resistance to mould, fungus, all of that horrible stuff.
  • Doesn’t involve any synthetic materials.
  • Helps with your complexion.

If you want luxury, silk is the way to go.

Advantages of satin
  • Costs much less than silk.
  • More available and easier to get.
  • Much easier to clean as you can put it in with the rest of your washing to clean.
  • It is known to be softer than silk.

Has the advantages of silk with added convenience.

Both options are great for ensuring that your hair and skin are as healthy as can be. We can now say that sleeping in, is helping taking care of ourselves. Looks like morning lie-ins are now guilt-free!

Love Shannon Leigh xx

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