How to get your beauty sponge completely clean

How to get your beauty sponge completely clean

Tired of foundation/concealer marks never coming out of your beauty sponge? So was I until now…

Hi everyone,

This weeks ‘Friday Favourites’ is all about the wonder product I’ve been using to get my beauty sponges completely clean. I mean so clean that it looks brand new.

If you are like me and you are forever trying to find hacks to make the effort of getting your beauty sponge clean again just that little bit easier, then look no further. I’ve found the solution! It not only takes less than a minute to do but also doesn’t require you to stick your beauty sponges in the microwave. This technique never worked for me and doesn’t exactly do you beauty sponges any good.

The wonder product is the Juno & Co ‘Clean Up Your Act’ solid cleansing bar. At £5.95 this cleansing bar is a godsend. I’ve tried much more expensive ones like Spectrum’s which didn’t clean my sponges or makeup brushes as well. This cleansing bar is truly amazing and has become a hero product of mine. It literally cleans out every speck of dirt and makeup there is and the cleansing bar makes it so easy as well.

Beauty Sponge covered in makeup
Beauty Sponge with makeup stains removed after using the Juno & Co ‘Clean Up Your Act’

As the product impressed me so much I wanted to test it. I decided to leave one of my beauty sponges covered in foundation/concealer for a week to see if once the stains had time to settle down, would they be harder to get out? To clean the above sponge it took me less than a minute and the results are still amazing. I didn’t think the stains would come off that easily but to my surprise, it worked!

The smell of the product is also really lovely, which is an added bonus. It smells fresh and clean but without being overpowering. It keeps my beauty sponge in an excellent condition and ensures that my makeup brushes are still soft.

For the price and quality, I can’t fault the product at all. Also, as it’s a cleansing bar I’ve found that it lasts quite a while and lathers up really well when water is applied to the beauty sponge/makeup brush first. I’ve been using mine constantly and I’ve not even used a fifth of it yet. It’s small and comes in a metal tin as well so I think it will be perfect for travelling.

Love, Shannon Leigh xx

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