How vinyl records have renewed my love of music

How vinyl records have renewed my love of music

The albums I’ve been listening to, to get me through isolation.

Hi everyone,

This weeks ‘Friday Favourites’ will be how rediscovering my vinyl player has also renewed my love for music.

I’ve had a lot of time on my hands lately and have fallen back into love with things I just didn’t have time to before. The first being, listening to music on my Crosley vinyl player.

I’ve been able to zone out and just relax listening to my favourite music, which I’ve found has helped me greatly with my mental health. I tend to put it on in the evening when I want to start winding down for the night and have it on while I’m reading a magazine or applying a face mask.

There is something about the sound of a vinyl player, it’s richer and less computer-generated. It gives new life to the songs you love and makes you discover new loves along the way.

My collection of vinyl records is still quite small but I’m hoping to expand my collection as soon as I have the money to. Vinyl records aren’t cheap and I tend to view it as a treat to myself every so often. When shops start to reopen I really want to visit some vintage shops to pick up some secondhand records. In particular, I want to find a vintage Queen one.

So you are probably wondering what I have in my collection and I’m going to tell you what I have;

As you can tell I have a particular taste but I am hoping to expand my collection further in the future. I tend to buy vinyl of my favourite albums so that’s why they are very artist focussed. Just down to the price, I want to make sure that they are my absolute favourites before I get them. The albums I’m hoping to get next are more 80’s, for example, ‘Duran Duran’ and ‘Wham.’

Love, Shannon Leigh xx

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