New Nails Inc floral nail polish is a dream!

New Nails Inc floral nail polish is a dream!

Loving spring? This new nail polish is for you

Hi everyone,

I have decided that every Friday I will be doing a series on my blog called ‘Friday Favourites’ in which I chat about what I have been loving that week.

For the first week of the series, I will be talking about not only a new nail polish fav but my love for nail polish in general. Before lockdown, I was a regular at the nail salon. It was the ultimate treat to go get my nails done and get lots of crazy designs on them. Having my nails look great just put me in a better mood and made me feel put together. But with the current situation, being able to go there has just not been possible and I took it as the perfect opportunity to try out a new nail polish.

I received a Nails Inc polish in the colour ‘Blossom Kisses’ in my monthly Glossybox and thought I should have a go at painting my nails myself. By the way, I am awful at applying nail polish.! It is the main reason why I get them professionally done. My hands just aren’t steady enough to keep that polish on my actual nails, it normally goes everywhere else.

But even though I had my doubts I thought I would try it anyway, I didn’t have anything to lose but time and at the moment we all have plenty of that! Plus I was sick of my fingers looking plain and boring.

When applying the polish to my nails it was actually really easy! I literally couldn’t believe it. The brush of the polish is wide enough so that you can coat almost the entirety of your nail in just one swipe. The pigment of the colour was strong, even and looked a nice thick consistency. It felt like a quality nail polish. After applying the polish to all of my fingers I went over it with one more coat just to make sure that the colour was as vibrant as it should be.

The shine that the polish left on my nail was amazing! I felt like I didn’t even need a top coat, but to help it last longer I sealed it with a top coat anyway.

After a few days, my nails hadn’t chipped at all which I was completely shocked by. I have tried other nail varnishes in the past but normally they chip within hours of putting them on. I even did the dishes and they were still chip-free!

I loved using this nail polish and for someone who doesn’t normally like polish, I am finding myself scrolling through the Nails Inc website regularly to see if there are any more colours I like! I can hear my bank account screaming at the thought of that.

My nail polish lasted 7 days without chipping which I think is amazing, especially as it didn’t take me long to apply it and I didn’t have to remove any polish from my skin afterwards.

Personally, I think this product is fab for beginners like me and even people who are more skilled at doing their nails as the finish you get is fantastic! It is easy to use with the wide brush head and the consistency is great to work with. I couldn’t rave more about this product. I’m so impressed with it.

Hope you have enjoyed the first ‘Friday Favourites’ post, come back next week to see what my next favourite will be.

See you soon,

Shannon Leigh xx

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Feature Image by Alex St on Unsplash


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