Prada Designer Dupe for under £20

Prada Designer Dupe for under £20

I’ve found the perfect dupe for the Prada Reissue Crossbody bag at a fraction of the cost of the original!

Hi everyone,

A thing to know about me is that I don’t like to pay full price for anything. It literally pains me to buy something if it is full price. I am always searching for discount codes and dupes of items which I’ve found that I like, just to keep the costs down. Put it this way, the item has got to be amazing for me to even think about buying it full price. I blame my mum for it. She has always been a bargain hunter and I picked up her tips and tricks along the way. It has benefitted me hugely, as I get the look I want but always for less.

First things first, I love designer bags. I just love how luxurious it can make any outfit look, but unfortunately for me, my bank balance can’t handle that type of spending. So I’ve resulted in finding dupes for everything which is out of my budget, this can be in the form of shoes, bags, jewellery and even clothes. I’m obsessed with getting a look for less and I’m going to tell you how to get it as well!

I have found a brilliant dupe of the Prada Reissue Crossbody bag, at a steal of the price! I had been lusting after this bag for ages and I loved it so much I was very close to buying the original. I even had the bag on hold in Selfridges but backed out in the end as I just couldn’t stomach paying £895. Even though I backed out of getting it, I still couldn’t get the bag out of my head. All I could think about was all the ways I could wear it and how good it would look. So I decided to go on the ultimate hunt for a dupe of the bag.

After weeks of searching, as it didn’t just show up when I simply typed in ‘Prada reissue crossbody dupe’ in Google (I didn’t think it would work but I still tried it anyway). I had to physically search through every website I knew of and even try out new ones I’d never heard of before in the hope of finding it. But all my hard work paid off in the end as I had finally found it. The most amazing dupe of the bag that I had seen yet. It looked fantastic on the website. In just seconds the bag was ordered and it was on the way to me. The miracle website in question that I ordered it from was Ego.

I was so excited about my new bag’s arrival. I was literally counting down the days. When opening up the package I was pleasantly surprised by how much it looked like the image on the website. I did have a slight bit of doubt in the back of my mind that it may not look like what I thought but luckily it did.

The quality of the item was really good. It had all the details which the original had, apart from the black tag, which on the original says Prada. I was really impressed with how it looked and couldn’t wait to style it.

I’ve found that this bag goes best styled with oversized blazers and plain tees so that the bag stands out. If you want to see how I’ve styled this bag, head over to my Instagram.

Even though it is a small bag, it’s quite roomy inside. I can fit in all my essentials and more, so it is perfect for most days out. In particular, I found the pouch on the strap really useful as I was able to put my bank card in it during a busy day of shopping so it was easier and quicker to get a hold of. I also put all my receipts in there too so I knew where to find them.

If you want to get this bag for yourself head over to Ego. They currently have the bag on offer for £19.99 and even have other colours available if black isn’t your thing. Since getting this bag myself, they have updated the one on the website as it now had a small piece of faux leather attached to the front of the bag, in the shape of a tag which is on the original. Personally, I think that element looks a little cheap and doesn’t make the bag look as good so I would probably cut it off, but it’s up to you.

Overall, I think this bag is a bargain if you want to get the look of a designer bag but without the heavy price tag. Plus, this bag was very popular and is sold out everywhere so you tend to find it being sold secondhand for a lot more than the original price.

Happy shopping!

Love Shannon Leigh xx

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