The best beauty tool for sensitive skin

The best beauty tool for sensitive skin

How the EcoTools Total Perfecting Blender has been a wonder for my sensitive skin.

Hi everyone,

Recently I’ve found that my skin has been really sensitive when putting on my liquid foundation and concealer. All the brushes I was using, even the ultra-soft ones felt rough and my skin just wasn’t happy, especially around my eyes as they started to get sore.

I needed to find a solution which would enable me to apply my makeup properly but without irritating skin in the process.

I was never a fan of beauty sponges to apply makeup. I found that it took more makeup off than applying it and I went through my foundations/concealers quicker than normal. Even so, I decided to give one another go after researching that the EcoTools Total Perfecting Blender was very soft and gentle on the skin.

When it arrived I unpackaged it to find that it is the softest sponge I have ever felt. I gave it a go and it has changed the game for me with my makeup. It enables me to create the perfect base while being gentle on my skin. It’s especially great for under my eyes as it doesn’t irritate them at all.

The sponge really helps with foundations and concealers which are thicker and more drying as the moisture from the sponge makes it easy to blend into the skin. As the sponge has both a round end and a straight end it makes blending your makeup really easy as you basically have two tools in one. It makes blending out concealer, in particular, a dream as the flat side enables you to get into the small corners that the rounded side wouldn’t be able to fit into.

I am super impressed with this product and will definitely be buying more in the future. Due to how soft the sponge is, make sure that when cleaning it you are gentle with it as if you are too rough you might end up ripping it and creating holes in the sponge.

Plus, the sponge is vegan and cruelty-free. You can use it wet or dry but I prefer to use it wet as I find that it blends my foundation and concealer better.

Love Shannon Leigh xx

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