The best nude lipstick brand!

The best nude lipstick brand!

The most luxurious lipstick in my collection yet

Hi everyone,

For this weeks Friday Favourites I will be talking about a lipstick I haven’t been able to put down. It is the Lipstick Queen bullet lipstick in ‘Sweet as Honey.

This lipstick is amazing! From the first time I put it on my lips, it felt so lightweight and comfortable. It felt different than my normal lipsticks, it was like the lipstick was helping my dry, cracked lips and not making it worse like I find with a lot of lipsticks I own. From researching the lipstick I found that it has got ‘Antioxidant Vitamin C’ and ‘Pomegranate extract’ which helps leave the lips soft and conditioned.

Before trying this out on my lips I actually thought it was going to be too light for me. It reminded me ever so lightly of ‘HoneyLove’ from Mac but not matte and not as brown toned, but still light in colour. I was dubious to try it out as ‘HoneyLove’ just doesn’t work for me at all and dries out my lips to the next level. I start to get that dry line you get where the product has built up around the inside of your lips; honestly just isn’t for me.

But this Lipstick Queen one is so lovely to wear. It goes great with my skin tone and gives my lips a subtle yet noticeable pink hue. It doesn’t look like a tinted lip balm, but it isn’t particularly strong in colour, it’s the perfect mix of the two. It doesn’t look like too much and because of its subtle colour, I’m able to wear it with so many makeup looks!

I find that I even want to put this lipstick on when I’m just around my flat with no makeup on as it makes me feel good. Little swipe of this on my lips and I feel like a new woman.

Plus, the packaging is minimalist and very luxurious/heavy to hold that you can stomach the high price tag of it a little more. This is the most money I have spent on lipstick before and was very cautious about it at first. However, I can say proudly that this is the best lipstick I have ever tried and I will be repurchasing it forever! A very strong statement but you just have to try it for yourself to see what I mean. You will not regret it. I will never be without this lipstick and I’m even thinking of buying a back up for it already. I’ve not even finished the first yet!

Love Shannon Leigh xx

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