The Best Vegan Dessert I’ve Ever Had in Liverpool!

The Best Vegan Dessert I’ve Ever Had in Liverpool!

How a vegan dessert shop stole my heart.

Hi everyone,

For this weeks ‘Friday Favourites’ I want to talk to you about how a dessert place in Liverpool has changed the way I view vegan treats.

The place you may be wondering…well it’s ‘The Nakery.‘ It is owned by Natalie Shilton and offers refined sugar-free, dairy-free and gluten-free treats which cover cakes, brownies, smoothies and their version of ice cream called ‘Nice cream.’

Recently, I have been drawn to going there as their desserts are the best I’ve ever tried. They are not only tasty but they look so beautiful and after eating them I don’t feel overwhelmed with sickliness straight after.

They have different luxury slices/mini cakes every day so it’s a surprise in the morning to see what lovely creations are available. My favourite at the moment is their Strawberries ‘n’ Cream mini cake. It tastes just as good as it looks, actually better! I’ve never tasted a dessert which has tasted so good but without making you feel guilty afterwards. The crunchy base tastes just like a regular cheesecake and the texture of the mini cake itself is so smooth and well ‘luxurious.’

As my boyfriend is vegan I’ve been trying to open myself up to the world of vegan food more. I was concerned at first as I wasn’t sure if vegan desserts would taste nice but I’ve had my worries put to rest.

By having such a wonderful experience from The Nakery it has made me a lot more open to trying more vegan food and experimenting with what food I prepare for myself. Also, it shows how just because it’s vegan, it doesn’t mean that the quality of it is lower in any way.

Shopping at independent places like The Nakery not only makes you feel good but it does good too. Being able to support small businesses in any sort of way right now is so important and I want to do my bit in making sure the places I love stay open and continue thriving.

So many businesses, both big and small, are experiencing stark financial difficulties caused by the lockdown and the spread of Covid 19. Now more than ever it’s our job to support these businesses with our custom in order to keep them going strong.

By supporting The Nakery and independent businesses like it, we’re ensuring that our community doesn’t lose the special places that make our city so unique and make it a place worth living in.

Love, Shannon Leigh xx

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