Treatments I’ve had Since the Beauty Salons Reopened

Treatments I’ve had Since the Beauty Salons Reopened

How I’ve taken full advantage of lockdown easing to make some BIG changes…

Hi everyone,

With everywhere starting to open again I thought it was time to update my appearance and try something new. During lockdown, all I wanted was to fix my hair. It was a complete mess! I’m talking dead on the ends, brassy/orange when it was meant to be blonde. Oh, I was struggling with myself debating whether or not to try dyeing it at home myself or worse cut it!

Luckily I restrained myself enough and finally, my prayers were answered…the salons started opening up again!!!

For me, this wasn’t going to be any boring cut and blow-dry with just the dead ends chopped off. I was going for a completely new look! I decided to chop off my hair into a long bob and turn my once very bright used to be warm blonde hair to a darker more ashy blonde.

After my hair was chopped off it felt as if a massive weight had been lifted. I felt more refreshed and I looked so much better. I actually felt really cool haha!

For any wondering how the salon experience was, especially during this difficult time I want to let you know. For the salon I visited, which was ‘Glitter Hair and Beauty’ they made it mandatory for masks to be worn by both beauticians and clients during the appointment. Even though it was weird at first it was actually fine and I felt a lot safer for both myself and my stylist Stacey.

Everything about the appointment is the same as normal apart from that you aren’t allowed to just walk around the salon, you have to stay seated which is what I do normally anyway. Also, there are no coffee or tea facilities available but you can bring your own so it’s not like you will be missing out. The toilet facilities can be used and there are lots of hand sanitising stations around the salon so you can make sure that your hands are constantly clean.

I had a lovely and relaxing experience getting my hair done which is surprising as at previous places I have always felt very nervous. This may be down to how friendly the staff were at ‘Glitter Hair and Beauty’ and how amazing the treatment I received from my stylist Stacey. She is so talented, made me feel at ease, was easy to talk to and listened to what you wanted. She made what is normally anxiety-inducing for me into the most enjoyable experience. Stacey made my hair beautiful and now I can’t stop looking at it!!

For my second treatment, I got to visit the best nail technician I have ever had! The ultra-talented Alex! I have been getting my nails done by Alex for months and during lockdown I must have saved about a million nail inspiration pics for her when I could finally get my nails done.

The design of my nails which Alex created on me. Pic © Alex Louise Nails

It was so lovely to see her again when the salon opened back up and as always she did a fantastic job on my nails! Honestly, she can make even the shortest of nails look fabulous! Her attention to detail is flawless, the way she makes sure that the preparation of each nail is done to an excellent standard is something to be admired. Alex has such a creative flair and comes up with the most breathtaking designs for your nails.

I ended up getting quite a minimal design this time around, which for me is very unusual haha! I got a pink base with gold details on each finger. They look and feel amazing, was definitely a well-deserved treat!

During my salon visit with Alex, masks were again mandatory which I appreciated as keeping us both safe is a priority. There were also plastic screens put in place between me and Alex as an extra safety measure, which I think is a brilliant idea. My nail appointment was relaxing as it always has been and I felt very comfortable being there.

I thoroughly enjoyed visiting the salon for both of my treatments as they made sure they made everything clean and safe but kept the all-important fun and excitement of getting your hair and nails done.

For me having these beauty treatments which are normally so readily available to me, has made me appreciate them even more. As life is so busy sometimes you can often take for granted the small things ad if this virus has taught us anything it should be to treasure the simple things in life and appreciate everything.

Love, Shannon Leigh xx

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